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BenQ Projector Serial Control


Has anyone dealt with serial control of a BenQ "Professional" series projector? I have some PB8250s, and their protocol is nothing less than convoluded. I will attach the protocol document and see if anyone can make heads or tails of it. The "Event Packet Type Commands" on page 9 work, but none of the longer length commands later in the document.

If someone could make an example of "Select PC 1" I would appreciate it. I tried sending it as the 32 bytes shown, but nothing happens. I was sending the commands from a "Control a Device" window in Studio. Earlier in the document it seems like they are saying that the command needs to be sent in a few seperated parts.


Thank you.


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    DHawthorneDHawthorne Posts: 4,584
    I've never used the product, but as convoluted as the protocol structure seems to be (you have to automatically have bad feelings about start bytes being called a "Magic Number"), they greatly simplified things by telling you the full strings for your commands in the chart at the end. You do send the entire thing in one shot - the multiple packets refered to early in the document is for multiple commands. They seem to just be telling you to wait for a response and not send a new command out for another 100ms.

    That said, I can see no reason why your simpler commands wold work, but not the 32 byte one. Perhaps it is the way the command window sends it out. I would Telnet into the master and try using a send string to the port, like so: send_string 5001:1, "$BE, $0F, $03, $19, $00, $C8, $4B, $01, $DA, $02, $CC, $CC, $00, $00, $00, $00, $00, $00, $00, $00, $CC, $CC, $CC, $CC, $CC, $CC, $CC, $CC, $CC, $CC, $CC, $CC" (adjusting device number as needed, of course).
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    The command should look something like this:
    SEND_STRING dvPROJ1,"$BE,$EF,$13,$19,$00,$C8,$4B,$01,$DA,$02,$CC,$CC,$00,$00,$00,$00,$00,$00,$00,$00,$CC,$CC,$CC,$CC,$CC,$CC,$CC,$CC,$CC,$CC,$CC,$CC"

    However, my experience with BenQ projectors has been that their documentation is generally not correct. I have worked with a different model, and I had a document similar to yours that I downloaded from their site, and then had another that their tech support emailed to me. Neither was 100% correct. I ended up trying out commands from both documents when they were different to discover which one really worked.

    Plus their on-hold music really sucks!

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    TurnipTruckTurnipTruck Posts: 1,485
    My bad. The "Control a Device" window supports something less than 32 bytes. Telnetting a SEND_STRING controlled the projector with the longer commands.

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