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EchoSystem module

Gday all,

I've written a module for controlling EchoSystem capture hardware by http://echo360.com/. I'll be hosting the module on my own page since it is of interest to both us AMX folk as well as the wider academic community (who don't have access to these forums). You can download it from here: http://opax.swin.edu.au/~romclean/amx/echo/ I'll update this thread to inform you of any future bug-fixes.

The module can control the original standard-def Capture Appliance, as well as the new high-def SafeCapture HD. If you have any trouble figuring it out just let me know. I wear both the AMX Programmer and EchoSystem Administrator hats as my day job.

Roger McLean
Swinburne University


  • Hi Roger,

    Could you confirm whether this module is capable of controlling the older Lectopia hardware. I have the task of re-writing the code for some rooms that use this hardware.

    If the answer is no, then could you provide/point me to the module and documentation for the Lectopia module.

    Many thanks
    Julien Gibson
  • annuelloannuello Posts: 294
    Gday Julien,

    The new module has dropped support for the legacy Lectopia system (PC/Mac Digitiser). Send me a private message with your email address and I can send you the old Lectopia module with documentation.

    Roger McLean
    Swinburne University
  • catalinocatalino Posts: 25
    Hi Roger,

    Thanks for writing this. I was wondering if you are accepting help in programming the module to support feature requests.

    My University has a use-case where we want to have Scheduling integrated directly into the AMX touchpanel so that a user can schedule a capture on the touchpanel itself instead of going through the AMX interface. Your interface code module does pretty much everything else I need it to do

  • The EchoSystem module has been updated. The current version is v3.1.1.

    New feature: A channel to indicate when Live Streaming is in progress.

    Bug fixes: Various OAuth issues (AMX -> EchoSystem Server comms), improved channel and text feedback, improved error monitoring for SafeCapture HD.

    You can downloaded it from the link at the start of this thread.

    Roger McLean
    Swinburne University
  • annuelloannuello Posts: 294
    A new version of the EchoSystem module (v3.2.0) is now available from the address at the top of this thread.

    New features:
    A Campus->Building->Room wizard for easy configuration in large deployments.
    Support for optional fully-qualified room names, which avoids confusion when the deployment has multiple buildings/rooms with the same name.
    A new channel to indicate that a recording is about to start.
    Product Group now reported for the current capture.
    Can retrieve all product groups from the EchoSystem server.

    Dropped/deprecated features:
    Recording Type - no longer supported. Use Product Groups approach instead.
    Capture Profiles - no longer supported. Use Product Groups approach instead.

    Bug fixes:
    Various character-encoding issues now fixed.
    Occasional mis-communication between NetLinx and capture hardware now fixed.

    Roger McLean
    Swinburne University
  • annuelloannuello Posts: 294
    A new version of my EchoSystem module (v3.3.0) is now available from the address at the top of this thread.

    This version includes the following feature requests from various community members:
    * Presenter name is now reported at the beginning of a recording.
    * A 0-100 level shows the current progress through the recording. Think of it as "percentage complete".
    * Detection of appliance clock drift.

    There are various bug-fixes as well, including:
    * Fixed an issue when several appliances have been associated with a room in the past. The module now identifies the currently associated appliance when querying ESS.
    * Overhauled the code responsible for creating warnings - much more reliable now.
    * Improved temperature and fan monitoring.
    * Fixed some dodgy persistent-socket code.

    A few other changes:
    * The warning notification system no longer produces "WARNING=" (blank) to auto-clear warnings. If such auto-clear behaviour is required it will be up to you to provide it. Auto-clearing of warnings can lead to important warnings going unnoticed.
    * The DEVICE CAPTURE PROFILES terminology (deprecated since 14 Nov 2012) has been removed. Please use DEVICE PRODUCT GROUPS instead.

    ... and some ongoing love:
    * Forwards/backwards compatibility for the ScheduleAPI terminology change from ?term to ?filter, as introduced with ESS5.3. Whilst ?term= still works for the time being, it is deprecated. The AMX module will happily and automagically use whichever is appropriate.

    Roger McLean
    Swinburne University
  • cmatkincmatkin Posts: 86
    Hi Roger,
    Thank you for your module. It works well.
    I am integrating it into RMS Enterprise and have noticed that you use the SNAPI channels for ONLINE and INITIALSED for module events.
    Would you be able to include these channels in the future version?
    Regards Craig
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