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RMS custom Source

Hi Everyone,

I am programming RMS 3.3.33, and have an issue adding custom sources to the i!-Connectlinx. Below are the lines that I'm using:

SEND_COMMAND DATA.DEVICE,” 'ADD STD-1001-1002&1014&1017-1018&1023' ”
SEND_COMMAND DATA.DEVICE,” 'ADD ACTION-1,Select Custom Source,Student PCs' ”

On the RMS Server and under "Execute Control Function", I see all the standard functions but not my custom added source. Can anyone help?


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    PhreaKPhreaK Posts: 966
    You need to make sure you have created the folder it is being placed in first. To do this use the `ADD FOLDER-{folder name}, {parent}` command. If you want the folder to be based in the root then just leave off the parent part.
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    MiladMilad Posts: 4
    Awesome! Thanks for that, it's working now.
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