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how do open media player from a touchpanel?

elsap213elsap213 Junior MemberPosts: 12
I have a problem using PCLink. I have one NI3000 controling 3 plasmas and one dvd player and my client asked if I could turn media player on from the touchpanel. He wants to listen a playlist.
I tried to use PCLinkweb but when I install it my NI stops controling the rest of the things. Has anyone did something like that???


  • sonnysonny Junior Member Posts: 208
    I have an application where I am using computer control and PCLink/Web in tandem to control a specific application and it works great. The button on the touch panel tells the PC to go to the application and brings up the computer control window.

    Looks like you could use the LAUNCH command and just specify the playlist file you want.

    I haven't had any problems with PCLink/Web causing problems in the NI, just make sure the device you specify isn't already in use on the controller.
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