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IS-SPX-1000 streaming video not recovering after glitches

Yesterday I was using three IS-SPX-1000 boxes basically as IPTV set top box receivers, and although everything pretty much worked as planned, sometimes the video broke up and didn't automatically recover.

In all bar one case it was just one of the three players at any one time which would behave like this, which would suggest that it wasn't a problem with the actual stream going out as the other two were still receiving and decoding the video ok.

The most frequent problem is that a horizontal black bar would appear in the upper third of the video looking as if the video had been crudely censored, whilst the rest of the video in the frame would continue to play unaffected. Sometimes though the right half of the image would be affected - colour shifts, macroblocking etc. Once it got into this state it remained that way.

I wasn't too concerned about glitches, but I was concerned that the video playback didn't appear to be able to reliably recover itself afterwards.

The source was a Cabletime Mediastar H.264 encoder pumping out a multicast stream and the IS-SPX-1000 was picking it up via a udp://239.x.y.z:2000/ URL. Video bitrate was 3Mbps as recommended in one of the userguides.

The other issue was that there doesn't appear to be a quick recovery option. The IS-SPX-1000 web interface doesn't appear to allow you to reload the current SVG document, or the project. Without using XPress, my only option appeared to be to reboot the player, which takes about a minute or so to recover. I guess using shared variables might
be a work around using it to switch to a duplicate SVG file forcing it to reload the video playback.

Anyone experienced this ?



  • I have a Xpress player streaming out of AMX Vision2.

    For me, the player will play the video for a while and the playback will just freeze. Everything else on the player is working. The rss feed, the slideshow is still running fine. I checked the log file. It just states some warning. I am trying to find if there is any parameter that i can set in the asx file. But so far in no luck.

    Btw, there is a new firmware, 2.2.3 for the Xpress. Maybe it will help you.
  • Dave_UKDave_UK Junior Member Posts: 54
    jason.lim wrote: »

    Btw, there is a new firmware, 2.2.3 for the Xpress. Maybe it will help you.

    Forgot to mention that I was already on 2.2.3
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