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Visual Architec +NI-2100 + KRAMER VP-61XL

Hello, I try to get control of kramer vp-61xl with my NI-2100, I use Visual Architect to make comunication and Used Duet Package "KRAMER_VS602XL".
With panel control change Input to output, "example input 5 to ouput 1", but the problem is: my NI2100 automatically sends signal, kramer returned to input 1 position.

My Kramer
Switch 5: Baud Rate (On=9600 Baud).

I think is baud configuration but, I do not know!


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    Don't use VA, Kramer uses a very simple serial protocol that you could code in less than 1 minute, it certainly doesn't need a duet module.

    1200 baud is default for this model
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    Visual Architec +NI-2100 + KRAMER VP-61XL

    Where can I get a example?
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    ericmedleyericmedley Posts: 4,177
    bmartinez wrote: »
    Where can I get a example?

    There will be many good examples when you take Programmer 1. Call your rep and they'll set up the classes for you. :)
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    I'll be attending on January to Tampa to take programmer 1.

    But I have a project in which in have to control this Krame switcher 6x1: VP-61XL.

    I've seen some examples in this forum but only programmin in Netlinx Studio, and I can not handle it...only VisualArchitect.

    The old NI-2000(which I didn't program) of my costumer can operate the switcher with no problems in 1200 BAUD.

    I can only make it "work" changing the DIP swith of the Kramer to 9600 BAUD. But It doesn't really work because if I change to input 2(I can not change to input 3,4,5,6, don't know why), it returns to input 1 after N seconds where N could be 1,3,5,10,15.

    The change is because the NI-2100 tell the Kramer to change to input 1 automatically and I don't know why.

    I would want to know if it is possible to change the BAUD RATE in the NI-2100 so it can communite at 1200 BAUD as the old NI-2000 does...

    I can not see the fiel "BAUD RATE"in the NI-2000.

    Thank you for your support.
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    ericmedleyericmedley Posts: 4,177
    you will probably have to contact AMX tech support on this issue. We here on the forum are primarily programmers and use Netlinx Studio. We tend to not use VA at all. The concept behind VA is to be able to design a simple system without necessarily needing a programmer on staff to write code for you.

    If the VA user finds he or she needs something custom or runs into issues you usually hire AMX or an independent programmer. VA generates code that can be edited/modified. But you have to know how to program to do that, however.

    I cannot speak for others on this forum but I find code generated by VA to be a bit bothersome to navigate and edit at times. so, I tend to avoid taking on such gigs.

    But all this to say, your best bet is calling VA tech support at AMX.
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    Spire_JeffSpire_Jeff Posts: 1,917
    It sounds like you are in a tough spot. This should eventually become something easy for you to figure out, but given your time crunch, have you considered hiring an independent programmer to help you with this particular problem? My gut feeling is that an independent programmer could resolve your problem rather quickly* and maybe even help you understand what was going wrong in the process. Without seeing the actual code, it is going to be difficult to recommend a suggestion.

    * quickly is a relative term, not a quantitative term for the purposes of this message :)

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