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Hi everyone
Has anyone been able to get an Axcent III and AXB-NET box working 100%(Okay, I'd be happy with 95%). I am trying to get 23 of these little $^#@ to talk and respond to the commands but it seems to be an up hill battle and I am considering swapping these dinosours out for the newer NI series. Any comments or success stories.


  • FrankieFrankie Posts: 71
    I've done some "Master to Master" type stuff with them it it worked just fine.... What are you trying to do with them?
  • Thomas HayesThomas Hayes Posts: 1,164
    Hi Frankie
    I want to be able to control all functions that the client has available on the local TP, remotely. I tried to do some work with them but they are very fickle. I had a friend take a look at them and he was unable to have them work at a reliable level.(The guy is one of the top 10 programmers in Canada) I have been told by different people at AMX that the amount of time required to program these boxes would be more effort and costly than switching to a NI series. Also I have been told by AMX that the number of boxes that can work on one network is dependent on many variables, 6-16 boxes per network. This is were I am running into problems when I try running a few of the boxes together.
  • FrankieFrankie Posts: 71
    I agree. I have yet to get them to work in that way.. All I have done is "m2m" and they seem to work like a champ for that. I would just put some NI's in and be done with it.
  • Thomas HayesThomas Hayes Posts: 1,164
    Thanks for the input Frankie. M2M isn't to bad but the Multi-box is a real kicker. All the info I can get to support a swap-out of these boxes will help prove my point to my upper management that nothing(almost) is impossible but at what costs. Also there is a speed isuse with the boxes. The network maybe 10/100 but they slow to a crawl from the box to the master.Thanks again.
  • Chip MoodyChip Moody Posts: 727
    Definately sounds like time to cut a PO for a bunch of NI-700's... Don't know if we're allowed to mention pricing in here or not.
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