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NXD500i - high amount of failures

Hi everyone,

So we have a lot of NXD-500i's on site and quite a few have gone wrong recently. The device no longer 'powers up'. The screen is dead and we get no blinkies on the ethernet socket.

Connecting the device to my computer, my network connection goes from 'unplugged' to connected, but nothing shows up under studio/tp design etc and the panel still looks dead.

This isn't the first time this has happened - had maybe 5-10 fail and all been repaired via a supplier to AMX.

Any ideas why they're failing and if this is something we can fix ourselves without shipping them off?




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    ericmedleyericmedley Posts: 4,177
    A couple thoughts on this...

    When I worked at my previous job we had a rather high failure rate on a batch of MVP8400s and then the MVP 5100s. We too grew tired of repeatedly sending them in for repair only to have to put loaners in their place and then get the loaner back to replace the next failed panel, wash, rinse, repeat ad nausium.

    While it is indeed a pain in the arse, I think it's still necessary to send them in so they get entered into the traking system AMX uses to monitor the problem. While we all have our, "I called AMX and they said they've never heard of a problem with xyz but I see here on the forum everyone is havinag the same problem" story, we still should play along so the system at least has a chance to do its thing. If we all just grumble and fix it ourselves, the problem might go on without every being noticed by the higher-ups at AMX-ville.

    The other thought is that we still need to report it to the proper authorites. They don't regulary read this forum. (for better or worse)
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    In a similar vein to Eric's comments. We've just had the 700i (not Vi) panel for a job. Top right corner of the screen was not responsive to a normal touch. AMX UK hadn't heard of the problem! Replacement panel shipped (AMX POE injector died to) and exactly the same problem. On further investigation from AMX the states said they have had the issue after all!

    I'm now looking forward to a third round trip once they sort the problem! - at my companies expense no less.
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    TurnipTruckTurnipTruck Posts: 1,485
    I've had several 500i lock up as a their panel file uploads are completing. Power cycle or telnet reboot to bring them back.
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    Thanks for the replies folks.

    To be honest, we've had no choice but to send them back - but as we're not direct dealers with AMX, I find it irritating that we have to use our dealer to send them back, thus having to pay their delivery costs and any labour they decide to add on.

    I can see the point in sending these back - get the faults logged and get AMX to fix the issue, but also would like to be able to have a quicker and cheaper turn around on the faulty gear!

    Take it no one else around here has seen this issue?
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