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Replacement IPS-XPT-2000 - Can't publish to it

We recently received a replacement player from AMX which I have just setup to match our old player. It has the same IP address and I have added the new player to all the relevant publish points, yet I can't get any content sent across to it.

The Publish page in Composer shows that content is being sent across and I have checked the logs and data files on the player, both of which show today's date and time, so I know content is being sent across. The machine, however, is stuck on the AMX animation and I can't change it.

Any advice?



  • David JossDavid Joss Junior Member Posts: 2
    republish the templates

    You will need to republish your template packs to the player.
    Include the Architecture template, layouts and template pack.
    Then force publish to the player.
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