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Sharp_LC70LE732_v1_0_2_dr1_0_0 - No communication with IP control

trying this module and have run into an issue...

The TV is set to port 10002 (default) for ip control

The module seems to be hard coded for comms on port 23

(0001152273) SharpTV: connecting socket...
(0001152280) SharpTV: getProperty(IP_Address) called
(0001152286) SharpTV: getProperty(IP_Address) =
(0001152290) SharpTV: getProperty(Port) called
(0001152295) SharpTV: getProperty(Port) = 23

The word doc states that comms takes place on port 63007 which I assume is incorrect as the code reflects port 23.

I can telnet to the TV on port 10002 and control it using hyperterminal.

The TV port can be changed but only as low as 1024.

I can't seem to find an place where the communication port can be changed in the module.

any help would be appreciated.


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    TurnipTruckTurnipTruck Posts: 1,485
    Once you get this resolved, be sure that the TV is updated to the latest firmware. IP control on previous version will lock if connections are not closed gracefully.
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    DavidRDavidR Posts: 62
    the online update method says "this TV does not need updating". when it was fired up for the first time last month it required 1 update so I expect its current.
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    My suggestion would be to contact technical support so they can initiate a support ticket with the division responsible for creating the Duet Modules. The issue can then be tracked and you can be notified if a revision is released.

    Thank you.
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    DavidRDavidR Posts: 62
    Yes I was waiting for them to get in this morning... I've fixed it with the guidance of Steven in tech support.

    The word doc is being amended to add a 'Property-Port,CONTROL_PORT' line. Nowhere in the doc or code does it reference the existence of this command.

    In my case, after 'Property-Port,10002' was sent communication seems to be working.

    just a little heads up for anyone trying to get this to work. Its actually pretty cool as the TV is connected via WIFI and I have full control and feedback.
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    TurnipTruckTurnipTruck Posts: 1,485
    Yes they are very controllable TVs. Many if the commands in the Sharp documentation can have a ? instead of a value and be used to poll for status.

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