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IRL File for Zenith ZxxLZ5R LCD TVs (xx=17, 23, 26, 32)

Does anyone have an IRL file for any of the Zenith LCD TV models Z17LZ5R, Z23LZ5R, Z26LZ5R, or Z32LZ5R? The IR codes may be identical to the LG LCD TVs in the same size range but I do not have codes for those LCDs either. The Zenith (and LG) documentation indicate that the models support discrete power and input selection and they also have an IR input port on the back of the TV.

Further, the aforementioned Zenith models have an RS-232 port on them that is noted for software upgrades. LG models also have an RS-232 port and they document the external serial control protocol. I am wondering if anyone has any experience with RS-232 control of the Zeniths (if supported) and if so whether the protocol is based on the LG protocol.

Any information on these Zenith LCDs would be greatly appreciated.



  • Please find attached 3 files that I have created for the current LG 32", 26" and 20" LCD TVs. Enclosed in the .zip file is also a .ccf(Pronto) file with all the discretes commands for power on/off and video inputs for the LG LCD and plasmas. I haven't tested all this codes on the Zenith boxes yet, but they should work as well. I hope this helps.

    Ricardo W. Siqueira
  • IRL File for Zenith ZxxLZ5R LCD TVs (xx=17, 23, 26, 32)


    Many thanks for the IRL files and the ccf configuration file as well. :)

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