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No more Extron at InfoComm

amdpoweramdpower Junior MemberPosts: 110
Wow... If you've been in the industry for a while and go to the shows, you know how big this is.



  • vincenvincen Junior Member Posts: 526
    It's full of logic as these trade-shows are completely something of the past ! Now with Internet and all modern communication ways, trade-shows become less and less important ! when you consider all budgets and time spent to participate in such events, it's a lot of money spent for not much reward, excepted the fact to be there !

  • champchamp Junior Member Posts: 261
    Trade shows are a chance to talk to a guy far higher in the importance chain than your local rep and ask the sticky questions like "when will it really be released" and "which features from the web site will it actually have on release" (does anyone remember how the competition took 3 years to release day 2 firmware for their 8 inch tp's and finally catch up to the product specs on the web site then tried to tell us there would be day 3 features and expect us not to laugh).

    Manufacturer web sites are great for product information on established products but they are just marketting fantasy for the latest products (this is a dig at all manufacturers, not any one in particular).

    Lastly they are a great place to scout for possible future employers and employees :)

  • vincenvincen Junior Member Posts: 526
  • TurnipTruckTurnipTruck Junior Member Posts: 1,485
    Everyone is in the mood to trim fat. It's a cycle. They'll be back one day.

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  • yuriyuri Junior Member Posts: 861
    I never even went to the Extron booth @ ISE...
    So no loss for me there :)
  • ColinColin Junior Member Posts: 51
    Extron @ Australia Integrate

    Just had word that Extron will be at Integrate here in Australia - I was planning to go to Infocomm this year
  • ericmedleyericmedley Senior Member - 4000+ posts Posts: 4,177
    Having just come from a company hat ws a vendor t these kind of events, I can tell yountheybare all having a hard time. Attendance is down, they tend to be vry expensive events to pull off. I won't say how much it cost for us to do CEDIA a couple years back but suffice it to say it was well into the six figure range once you figure in everything.

    a few of he shows we did last year are not even going to be around or have consolidated with other events.

    A lot is probably the economy. But I agree with the sentiment hat shows are kinda going the way of he horse and buggy. You just don't get a lot of bang for the buck. Think about how paperless shows have gotten. It's cheaper to hand you a thumb drive than a 4-color slick sheet.

    That's my opinion... If you don't like it, I have others you can try. :)
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