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Help me..for Met-6N feedback using Axlink

vijaykumarvijaykumar Junior MemberPosts: 18
Hello guys .

this is vijay...i am new to AMX ..recently i started a program in residential site ,in site we have a 8key pads..

i written code for 8Met-6N ..but i don't how to receive feedback from Met-6N..using AXLINK

Can any one help me...how to get feedback from Met-6N and also if it is possible give me a sample...

Thanks .....


  • jjamesjjames Just another dude Posts: 2,906
    Just like any UI device, turn on and off the channel you want.
        // Turn on buttons 1 & 3
        // Turn off all other buttons
  • vijaykumarvijaykumar Junior Member Posts: 18
    Thanks for Reply

    hi ..

    Thanks for ans ...
    and another question

    i am using MI-0808 Matrix audio controller

    can you give me direct command for Zone - ON and Zone -OFF with Source selection ..
  • jjamesjjames Just another dude Posts: 2,906
    If you are referring to the DAS-M0808, please refer to page 77 of the operation & reference manual located here:

    Glad I could help & welcome to the forums!
  • vijaykumarvijaykumar Junior Member Posts: 18
    Thanks for reply ..

    sir can you give me example of one zone ...just On and Off with source selection ...
  • jjamesjjames Just another dude Posts: 2,906
    If you are a dealer, then you should able to access the file easily with a valid login. If you do not have the login, contact your company's owner to get the information you need.

    However, if you are not a dealer, you should not have the software (Netlinx Studio, TPDesign, etc.) to be programming in the first place.
  • vijaykumarvijaykumar Junior Member Posts: 18
    hi james..

    we are the dealers of AMX ...present i am using AMX Audio Module...it's working fine..but i am trying to write my own code for audio controller using RS-232.

    actually i am using the some commands but not getting that much response..

    SEND_STRING <dv ID>,"'MSSC',ITOA(Source),',',ITOA(OutPut_Zone),$0A"


    may be that command wrong or right ..i don't know....so can you help me ....with little bit code.
  • ppdkppdk Member Posts: 31
    Hi Vijay,

    try to exchange the "OutPut_Zone" and "Source" variables.

  • ProdigalProdigal Junior Member Posts: 90
    Had that problem the fist time I used the DAS.
    It's Output first, source second

    in the manual:
    "r" -> is your output (room)
    "s" -> is your source

    If I recall correctly I had some issues on volume up and down, while testing. However sending discrete values for volume control works perfectly, which is even better for visual feedbacks
  • PHSJasonPHSJason Junior Member Posts: 66
    Did one of these with an 0408 a while back. Here is the simple code that I threw together for it. Pretty straight-forward, but could use some optimization.
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