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VST-C issue

Any one have issues with the O, cool reversing valve relay output on VST-C. Just received ten to install and had 3 from stock that had been updated back in TX to the new software a few months back. The old ones work correctly the new ones seem to be backwards on the O and B outputs.

More specifically: Mode is setup for dual stage, electric. The O reversing valve on the new VSTs does not energize when cool is called for. However, B does. My older but updated VSTs O is energized when cool is called for. I don't seem to be able to find any setup or software setting to swap this characteristic. Wiring to B makes them work, but I don't believe it should and will be a service issue for the HVAC company in the future I fear.

Thanks in advance for any assistance or opinions.


  • terrmulterrmul Posts: 18
    Same thing

    Just had a new one replace an older one and this is the same on ours. Switched to B and it's fine. Fortunately my technical service contract has run out so I have to figure out AMX's issues for them.
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