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Kramer VP-23 Switcher

Has any one controlled this switcher? I can switch the video/rgb but i cant get the audio to switch out the "Master Output".



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    vp-23 audio

    Hi Frankie,

    At first the commands:
    (*commands for cvs inputs ****KR_VP23_DATA1*****)
    KR_VP23_CVS1 ="$01,$81,$81,$81"
    KR_VP23_CVS2 ="$01,$82,$81,$81"
    KR_VP23_CVS3 ="$01,$83,$81,$81"
    KR_VP23_CVS4 ="$01,$84,$81,$81"

    (* the audio master commands *****KR_VP23_DATA2 *****)
    KR_VP23_MSTR_CVS="$02,$81,$81,$81" (* AUDIO from CVS INPUTS *)
    KR_VP23_MSTR_YC ="$02,$82,$81,$81" (* AUDIO from YC INPUTS *)
    KR_VP23_MSTR_VGA="$02,$83,$81,$81" (* AUDIO from VGA INPUTS *)

    You need to send the two commands see code below:

    SEND_STRING KR_VP23,KR_VP23_DATA1 (* switch inputs in a group*)
    WAIT 1 'KR_VP23_TIMER'
    SEND_STRING KR_VP23,KR_VP23_DATA2 (* switch audio to master*)

    Good luck
    Leo de Blank
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    FrankieFrankie Posts: 71
    Thanks Leo. Thats what I was doing but the audio would not switch... Maybe its a bad switcher?
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    Hi there Frankie,

    However did you try to switch manually and does that works? If not
    there a few other possibility's:

    1. How is the audio Breakaway setting (Position 8 in the rs232 manual)?
    2. Is the audio level knob on the zero position (no audio to master out)?
    3. Is the talkover button stuckt (is it pushed and by a mechanical problem never released)?

    That's all i can think about at this moment. If all this makes no sence that maybe you should send the switcher to repair.
    Good Luck
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