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serial power control

I have not been able to find documentation to impliment simple "Power On/Power Off" functionality with an ISPX1000 over the serial port.

We have the protocol for the monitor (Sharp PNE521) and a Power.SVG file with on/off parameters, but no indication of how to use it.

We have tried a few things - putting it into the playlist, into a schedule - no luck.

All we need to do is to turn off the monitor at 5pm and turn it back on a 9am - Mon-Fri.

Thanks for any suggestions or direction to some documentation.


  • Dave_UKDave_UK Junior Member Posts: 54
    Have you created the .fsm protocol file and uploaded it to the player ?

    You can find the online protocol editor at:
    to help build your .fsm protocol file.

    Alternatively there is some detailed information on the .fsm format at:
    if you want to roll your own.

    (Not sure if AMX have fixed it or not yet but there used to be a bug in the online editor which used to allow illegal XML characters in the .fsm file.)

    If it's just a single recurring power on / power off, then you can set this up in the player web configuration and you don't need to worry about any .svg files or schedules.

    You will probably find the player log files helpful when setting this up as it will tell you if the .fsm file has been successfully parsed or not.

    You will find it useful to connect a PC to the serial port initially to verify the strings are being sent out of the serial port before you attempt to connect it to the display.

  • PyroGuyPyroGuy Junior Member Posts: 117
    Thanks Dave_UK...

    I believe we have a working protocol file (thanks to AMX). Now it is just a case of getting it into a schedule.

    Thanks for the Spinetix links. I'll see what happens. You make a good point - we'll connect to a PC first to make sure that the serial commands are even being sent.

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