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Question for whose who bought UI from GUIFX.COM

Hi guys!
If someone have bought any UI from Guifx.com - tell me please.
I'm waiting for Victoria UI AMX for more than one year - guifx every time tells me that "it's in high priority", "next week" and so on. My posts being deleted every time I ask - I'm very confused & decided to buy
Victoria for Cre****n and make up it by myself for AMX.
Tell me please who knows for sure - are there rooms and sources icons included inside provided projects?


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    You are not alone in your quest for the Victoria Template - I too think it looks great! Keep asking Morgan and hopefully he will get around to making it. I was quite excited to see their blog post on Jun 9, 2010 that indicated it was going to be available for AMX and I also began writing them on that date asking for updates. I would like this template for personal use.

    In previous experiences, GUIFX has included the room and source icons. These icons are typically provided in several different resolutions to give you options for your design. The Victoria GUI is also supposed to come with multiple background options for you to choose from. For TV favorites, you are expected to use the button images that come with the template in conjunction with their CoPilot application and their network logos to create the favorite buttons.

    The Product Page suggested the complete library of icons are only provided in the "bundle" package, so you would want to ask Morgan what exactly is being provided in the resolution you intend to purchase. If there are specific images you need for your project, it wouldn't hurt to ask if those are included before you buy ~ but Morgan at GUIFX would be the only one who could answer the question for sure.

    Hopefully, a fellow forum member has purchased an existing Victoria Template, and could tell you what was included in their purchase. Barring that, Morgan would be your guy to answer it directly from GUIFX.
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    John NagyJohn Nagy Posts: 1,734
    Chris, the handy forum Crestr0n-to-****** filter broke your links.
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    Thanks John - I corrected it with tiny url.
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    The AMX Victoria Template is now available at GUIFX.com:
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