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Wireless compatability.

I've installed two systems recently where the client wanted to use their existing WAP for the Modero 8400's rather than having me install a separate one.

Case 1: The client wanted to use 802.11g rather than 80211b/g, because it's faster, and the higher speed has a shorter range and the coverage area is smaller, so more secure.

Answer: Sorry, AMX only comply with 802.11b (published in 1999) so you'll have to configure your WAP for that. AMX say they are "looking into 802.11g compliance". (published in 2003)

Case 2: Similar to one, but client wants to use Shared Key as well.
8400 set up instructions say press button on set up page to toggle between "Clear Text" and "Shared Key" - tried that, button won't change from "Clear Text".

Answer from AMX - Sorry, we don't support Shared Key, it's not very secure anyway! As a result client doesn't want the AMX system on the network so web browsing to the controller etc etc cannot be used.

I don't like selling gear not compliant with current standards and telling the client how to configure their WAP's for less secure options. Is anyone else having these issues?


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    Wireless compatability (Lack of G Support)


    The only issue I have run into regarding standards compliance is the lack of support for 802.11g. I have had discussions with AMX about support for G in the panels ever since Modero wireless came out. I still have not seen any information on when (or if) G will be supported. At InfoComm in 2004, we were told that G would be a firmware upgrade and it was imminent. There has been speculation on this forum (earlier posts) that G would actually require a new wireless card in the MVPs. No one seems to know for sure if the wireless cards being used in the MVP panels are G capable and it is a matter of enabling it or whether new card upgrades would be required. Perhaps this CEDIA will shed some light ...

    On a side note, we have generally been installing WAPs that support b/g so we can be ready in the event the panels are upgraded to support g. We would at least be able to take advantage of higher speeds without having to replace the WAPs in the network.
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    DHawthorneDHawthorne Posts: 4,584
    I've never had any trouble getting shared keys to work - either you missed something, or something was wrong with one of the devices.

    But both of these are arguments to leave the existing WAP in place and dedicate one to the NetLinx and panel, and that's how I would pitch it. If you use a good consumer WAP like the Netgear, they are cheap enough for it to be trivial compared to the cost of an MVP. I don't even charge for them most of the time, I include it in the panel price.
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    dchristodchristo Posts: 177
    Yes, WEP is not acceptable security in many corporate enviornments. I've been told (perhaps it was Infocom04) that a firmware update would be released that supports WPA encryption and 802.1x authentication.

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    maxifoxmaxifox Posts: 209
    VG series?

    How about 1200V-Series and VG-Series Modero touch panels? They are for sure g-compatible (can connect to a wireless network using an internal NXA-PCI80211G compatible mini-PCI Wireless Card (FG2255-04)).

    Obviously, I have no information about G support for "classic" MVP panels.

    Small note about security: shorter coverage for 802.11g than 802.11b. The rule that as data rates increase, range decreases still applies, but all the factors should be considered. Thus, coverage for G will be large than for B at data rate 18 Mbps, because of superior range for OFDM transmittion type (G) relative to DSSS (B). Your client might unintentionally fall at risk when simply prefer G over B...

    Has anyone started to bother AMX about good-to-have-soon 802.11n support? :)
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    bobbob Posts: 296

    Has anyone used the MVP-8500 with any aftermarket/new/other wireless card? Thanks for any feedback.
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    bobbob Posts: 296
    Sorry for the typo, mean of course the Modero MVP-8400 -- any hints on a any other CF card than the original? Have two panels laying around without any card inside and would like to reuse them. Thanks much again!

    Can somebody send a size spec for the card and maybe an image file, dd or something. Thanks again!
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    feddxfeddx Posts: 175
    TP Card


    I've replaced the old B cards with G cards (See Here: http://www.amx.com/products/NXA-WC80211G-CF.asp) several times and had no issues.

    While I've never tried a non AMX card, it seems to be a PCMCIA form factor and if you have the time/equipment/budget, maybe experimenting with a few different Ethernet cars might be a fun experiment.
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    gsmithgsmith Posts: 59
    feddx wrote: »

    While I've never tried a non AMX card, it seems to be a PCMCIA form factor and if you have the time/equipment/budget, maybe experimenting with a few different Ethernet cars might be a fun experiment.

    No, it wouldn't be fun. The wireless drivers included in the firmware only support the AMX B and G cards.
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    bobbob Posts: 296
    Anyone have a couple of (two or three) NXA-WC80211G-CF cards for sale please let me know. Thanks much!
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