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i!-Schedule question

I have a project that uses i!-Schedule to trigger an event on the 28th day of each month. The event sends an email to the customer. The system was installed early last year and worked correctly up until December 28. The customer has advised they have not received this monthly email this year. The system also sends a daily email and the customer is still receiving this email.

I checked the code and logs and it appears i!-Schedule has stopped sending the button_event now that the year has ticked over. I have restarted the processor and will check next week if the restart fixes the problem (for this year?).

In the meantime has anybody out there experienced this scenario?

This is the code that sets the event for i!-Schedule:
SEND_COMMAND vdvSchEvents,"'SET EVENT-2,Summary Email,Monthly ',ITOA(nSummaryEmailDay),',',FORMAT('%02d',nSummaryEmailHour),':',FORMAT('%02d',nSummaryEmailMinute)"



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    simontsimont Posts: 3

    The event has correctly triggered folowing the processor restart.

    I have run a test in the office and re-created the issue.

    I will change the code to a daily event and when it is triggered check the current day before sending the email.
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