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Joe HebertJoe Hebert Junior MemberPosts: 2,159
I’m in the middle of testing some new code at a remote site and as I’m watching the Notifications window in Netlinx Studio I see the following 2 messages printed out every 10 seconds:
Line    426 (04:00:33):: String Size [5001:10:12] 2 byte(s) Type: Unknown
Line    427 (04:00:33):: Command Size [5001:10:12] 37392 byte(s) Type: Unknown

I’m thinking that’s kind of strange, I’ve never seen those kinds of notifications before. Why am I getting them every 10 seconds and what do they mean?

So I look at my code and confirm that 5001:10:12 is just an IR device for IR port 2. Looks okay so far and I know I’m not calling for that device every 10 seconds.

Next I decide to look at the online tree to get a port status for port 10. I do a refresh network and expand system 12 and I only see ports 1-9. Where is port 10? As I’m staring at the screen the tree refreshes on its own and I see ports 1-9 and then ports 1-9 again. Huh? And then 10 seconds later the tree refreshes on its own and I see ports 1-9, ports 1-9, and yet another set of ports 1-9. What the heck? Every 10 seconds the system is growing another set of 9 ports?

Then it finally dawns on me that there is no port 10 because system 12 is an NI-2100 not the NI-3100 I thought it was. An NI-2100 only has 9 ports total and somehow by defining port 10 in code, a port that doesn’t exist, the system kept cloning another set of 9 ports or at least that’s the way it looked like in the online tree.

Moral of the story – Don’t stay up all night writing code or you might end up seeing double or triple or even more.


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