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Help with touch panel

At work, we have a banquet hall which gets rented out. Well during one of the events this last weekend, someone tried to access our controls and entered the wrong password too many times and locked us out. How to I unlock the touch panel?

Edit: Never mind. Got it figured out.


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    BigsquatchBigsquatch Posts: 216
    Just a request: If you post a problem and later find the solution please consider posting your solution rather than just saying it has been fixed.

    This may help other users in the future if they have a similar problem and a forum search finds your post.
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    champchamp Posts: 261
    I don't think the system password has a limit of attempts before locking you out so it must have been a password created in programming and I'd guess he rebooted the master to reset it.
    Either that, it's programmed to reset after a period of time or he sent a page flip command from diagnostics.
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