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MVP-8400i stuck in wall dock

schewejascheweja Junior MemberPosts: 1
We have a unresponsive MVP-8400i that will not undock. Outside of a screwdriver, any tricks to getting one out?


  • BigsquatchBigsquatch Junior Member Posts: 216
    Cut the power to the docking station. Have someone hold down the button on the docking station. Restore power. The panel will eject after a few seconds.
  • pdabrowskipdabrowski Aussie Guy Posts: 184
    Using a screwdriver is useless, it will just damage the panel (and dock if used in the case of a 5100/5200)

    You can do what we have and make a tool that can be fed between the panel and dock to pull the little catch up from behind the panel.

    Our panels live in wall docks installed in either a portable lectern or wall, so often there is no power available when the lectern is out of the room.

    It is made of a sheet of thick but very flexible plastic (think of laminating pouches without paper) 2 inches wide and at least 8 inches long. The hook can be any shape as all it has to do is get under the catch behind the panel to release it.

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