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TPI-PRO and Promethean (IWB)


Anyone ever tested the TPI-PRO with a Promethean Active Board(IWB)?

Looking at the "Supported list", it looks like only monitors are supported...?
Anyone tested with any interactive "white boards"? (Smart/3M/Starboard etc...)

Interested in all experience i can get :)


  • catalinocatalino Posts: 25
    The experience I've had with the TPI-PRO-DVI is: If it's not listed on the sheet, it's probably not going to work.
    Although equipment manufacturers will use another company's IR/Capacitive overlay. Try to figure out which OEM your vendor uses for its overlays. That might end up giving you some clues.

    Also from my conversations with AMX if you ship them a demo unit they can make you a custom driver, with a certain amount of lead time.
  • kennethkkennethk Posts: 86
    Thanks for your input Catalino!

    I`ll receive one TPI-PRO this week, and will test it with a Promethean board...

    If no good (as i expect) i will need to talk to Promethean on how to ship one to AMX then...

    I`m based in Norway (Europe) so not very keen on sending from here...
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