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iRidium Keyboard

Hi everybody.
I'm wondering how to get work keyboard with iPad and iRidium. I have sample project for Polycom videoconference downloaded from amx.com and there is _keyboard popup page - this popup page is working with TPControl and with natural AMX panels. But, with iRidium, there is a problem - I can not use CAPS, SHIFT, INTERNATIONAL - any Bank commands - they are not working with iRidium (version 1.5.6). So I have checked if this keyboard in that sample project has the right channel codes - and as I found out, everything is correct in compare with system template keyboard page...
So, I tried to use the natural keyboard from Ipad - maybe I do something wrong, but I can open iPad's keyboard programatically (button setup - port 0, channel code - PageFlip: Keyboard), but when I press Done on this keyboard, I receive nothing in my master, so I'm not able to read, what user wrote.
I need to use text input keyboard, so, is there any another way how to get it work using standard device keyboards while system touch panel keyboard does not work or I have to manually programm each keyboard button and make my own keyboard on iRidium?
Thanks in advance for any reply.
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