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VNC to panel setup pages


I was wondering how you access the setup pages of a panel over a VNC connection? I use TightVNC to view the panel remotely. Is there a key combination or something?

Thank you for any replies.



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    DHawthorneDHawthorne Posts: 4,584
    Not that I know of. I Telnet to the master and issue a 'SETUP' send_command to the panel. You can also Telnet directly to the panel, but I haven't found any advantage to that.

    Another thing I do fairly regularly, is give the user a small icon that allows them to access things like the panels' connection state and batteries, and I'll put a setup button on there so they can adjust volume, etc. Then it's a non-issue, as you have a button on the screen.
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    VCN pageflip to setup pages

    Hi Morris,
    I do give some customers this functionality -really easy to do.

    I normally give them a button 50 x 50 transparent, and hide it in the bottom right of the startup and welcome pages. in TP design, make your button (font, fill transparent, no border - do this on both states), and then go to the Programming tab. Set the CHANNEL PORT to 0 - Setup port, then under CHANNEL LEVEL select FLIP - SETUP page from the drop down menu.

    Thats you done - unless you want to add password protection - no mainline coding.

    Hope that helps, let me know how you get on


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    MorrisMorris Posts: 21
    Thanks for the ideas guys! Much appreciated.
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