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Expanding lighting control with Landmark

Steve ChaseSteve Chase Junior MemberPosts: 13
It has been recommended that to expand lighting control with Landmark the most ecomical method would be by using a RodioRa system and connect to Landmark with a Serial interface. This would also eliminate the MLC's which are lighting damage prone and if the DMS were on the same line, make them home runned.

Anyone have a different opinion or better approach?


  • patbpatb Junior Member Posts: 140
    What's wrong with Radia? I have heard about people having problems with it, but I think most of the problems came from not knowing how to program it properly. I'm still suprised at AMX because it seems like they are moving away from their own product in favor of Lutron. I finished a huge Radia job in a house this past spring that had about 35 separate Radia masters that each has 6-10 zones per master being controlled from about 60 individual control panels (MSPs and LCD TPs) throughout the house. There hasn't been a single problem reported other than a single Radia needing a reset after a power failure - it has been online about 6 months now. I don't know if this is practical to retrofit in your particular installation, but you can install individual Radia locally in each area and connect everything with axlink - pretty simple overall.

    As to controlling it with Landmark, the only thing I've seen Landmark control well lately is the bottom of a trash can. Yank it out and put in a netlink master.
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