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Which Windows server addition?

I'm getting ready to install RMS and need confirmation that it is in fact compatible with Win Server 2008 R2. The specs list 2008, but not R2. I know logically that there is very little chance of an issue, however my server guy wants confirmation.


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    In addition to my previous question, we have also discovered that RMS requires TOMCAT V6 and that TOMCAT V6 does not play nice with 64bit OS's. We have found instructions on how to make it work, however we are wondering if AMX has a custom install file for TOMCAT or if we are expected to modify the TOMCAT install ourselves to make it work? Can anyone please enlighten me on using TOMCAT in a 64bit environment?
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    I am running the enterprise version of RMS on windows 2008 r2 64bit without any issue. Tomcat works fine. I am running the 64bit version of the java vm.

    I am also running it on a vm. We have a small environment.

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