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DirecTV IR Issues

sonnysonny Posts: 208
Any thoughts on IR with the latest DirecTV firmware updates and HR24. Specifically I'm having issues with the "Exit" code when getting out of the guide or info screens. It seems that since Direct has gone to an HD guide, they give the user the option of holding the Exit button down to switch to 480i if they are watching on a non-hd display (as I understand it). The DirecTV remote exits the guide with no problem, however with IR coming from AMX, it seems that the receiver thinks it being asked to switch resolutions. I've re-learned codes from lastest remote, played with CT commands, used SP and pulse...nothing.

A few other codes are exhibiting problems as well...any thoughts, experiences, etc?

I tried the IP driver from AMX but there seemed to be some stability issues with it.



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    ericmedleyericmedley Posts: 4,177
    Yet another shining example of why I despise DirecTV. Not helpful, I know. But just sayin.

    You might try capturing the IR code in Special mode. I don't think this will help.

    When stuff like this happens with DTV I end up trying to tweak and adjust pulse times.
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