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Serial Number Length - DXLink RX

jjamesjjames Posts: 2,908
Just a heads up -

I was documenting all of our serial numbers for DXLink Receivers, and noticed they are 16 alpha-numeric serial numbers, and not the 15 per tech note 316. That being said - do not go off of the serial number that Studio gives you, nor telnet, for these devices as it will chop off the last digit. I was curious as to why I had four devices with the same serial number. To get the proper serial number, I had to telnet into the DXLink RX and do a "get sn" command.

I have no idea what other devices have 16 digits - so be cautious when retrieving serial numbers from the master or Studio. Per the documentation through Studio, GET_SERIAL_NUMBER should function properly , however I've not tested it.
Returns the 16-character serial number of the specified device.

I have called this in; I assume this is going to be a bug they will fix without having to get enough complaints, but as always - if this bites you in the butt, be sure to call it in.
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