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TP to TP communication (Cafe Ordering System)


Is the below scenario possible with AMX touch panels (wired or wireless)?

Example: A touch panel (let's call it TP1) is located in the customer's lounge (buttons in the TP are icons of the different beverages) and the other panel (TP2) is in the bar area. The customer makes his order by pressing the specific button in TP1 like "Soda" or "Vodka".
TP2 rings and prompts the order coming from TP1 then Waiter serves the order to the customer.

Hence, the ordering (or messaging) is done from a TP to a TP by just pressing the desired button.

Am sure this is possible since I heard that AMX had this kind of system in their booth during InfoComm last year in Vegas. Am just not sure if this is by coding only. Or do I have to install other devices aside from an NI-700, 1x MVP-5200i and 1x NXD-500i?

Your thoughts (and detailed inputs) are highly appreciated.



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    Depends on how complicated you want to get. You can make it so that when the customer presses the button, the event does 2 things. First, it plays a chime sound on the waiter's panel. This is accomplished using send_commands to the waiter's panel. You can either use the ABEEP, ADBEEP, or the @SOU command. The @SOU command requires that you upload a file to the panel, while the other 2 use the built-in beeps.

    Second, the order appears on the waiter's screen. The easiest way to accomplish this is to use the ^TXT command to the waiter's touchpanel, with the text corresponding to the order. Again, this is a relatively simple set of commands. There are all kinds of ways in which you could make it more complicated, but this should get you started.
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    jweatherjweather Posts: 320
    Yes, it's possible. The communication goes TP->Master->TP, though. The program lives on the NI-700, the touchpanels just host the user interface.
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    ryker_u1ryker_u1 Posts: 6
    Thank you for the information!
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    champchamp Posts: 261
    Check out this demo on the AMX web site:

    It is a good start
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