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Data Projector?

Has anyone had any experience with a decent data projector that has (2) HD15 computer inputs, (1) composite, and (1) SVID or RGB input?

I need to provide connections for 2 PCs, one DVD and one VCR. Light output is not a huge deal as I can control the ambient light rather well. I'm projecting to a 5' x 7' screen and I need ceiling mount. RS232 control is prefered.

I am also considering going with a switcher to handle the RGBHV (HD15) and just using one of the Sony projectors that has a single HD15 input and the wireless access depending on the costs.

Any info would be appreciated.



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    DHawthorneDHawthorne Posts: 4,584
    Proxima (InFocus) makes one that I think fits that description, and even has IP control. The contrast ration is a little weak for video, but it does fine with static pictures, like Powerpoint, etc. The last I used was the 8400, which was chosen for it's lumen output. You might find one with less output and better contrast. They are relatively cheap projectors, you can get them for under $5K.

    The other I know of would be the Panasonic line; also very bright machines, but with a huge contrast ration. I have one in the shop at the moment, but haven't seen it in use yet because they shipped me an unusable lens. It has up to 3 RGB inputs, but I think to get all three you have to add an input module; likewise for DVI. These are higher end machines, the PT-DW7000 retails for around $25K.
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    Spire_JeffSpire_Jeff Posts: 1,917
    Thanks for the info. I'm thinking we will be going with something in the infocus range. I found an autopatch piece that will let me do the HD15 switching and also give me audio switching with volume control. With that handled, I can drop the requirements to 1 RGBHV input, and two other video inputs of whatever flavor.

    Given the info on the Infocus, it seems that may be the way for us to go since I know the client is trying to keep the budget down.

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    Thomas HayesThomas Hayes Posts: 1,164
    Hi Jeff
    I usually use an Extron system 8 with every install. Handles most input formats and has audio follow. I had pretty good luck with the Sanyo projectors. The Sony's gave me no problems but the protocol was a pain.
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    JillJill Posts: 44
    Salut Jeff
    The extra cost for the Extron system 8 is worth it for the flexability it offers. As Thomas mentioned it allows for most formats to be used with one box. What will the client be displaying the most? If video I would suggest a DLP over LCD because of the increased black level with DLP. :):)
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    this is budget dependant. Both christie and Barco have pojectors that allow mix and match input modules (up to 5) with 2 standard one VGA type and one RGBHV (5 cable)
    Sony have some small bright projectors that allow vga and RGBHV on separate inputs but the auto find command only works on VGA so you have to program the units on RS232 rather than IR

    Sanyo support sucks big time and the mute funtion still outputs a lot of light.. if the client can aford barco followed by christie.
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    projector & switcher

    Recently, we have been selling alot of the Panasonic PT-LB20/30's.
    These units work great, have a good picture, and easy control.

    These projectors support the same extended 232 commands available on
    the larger Panasonic projectors.

    A switcher that we have also utilized alot of, the Extron MPS-112.
    This unit is 3 (4x1) switchers in one box (VGA,SVIDEO,VIDEO) all with
    audio, and program volume control. This unit is in the $550 range.

    If you dont require scaling or seamless switching, this unit works great!
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    It's kind of hard to compare Christie and Barco projectors to Sanyo, come on now you have to compare apples to apples. They are really in class of their own and most likey always will be. Being a Barco trained tech/dealer many years ago I am and have always been a big fan of theirs. With that said I also have a large number of Sanyo's projectors(+35) and can truely say they have gave me the least amount of problems in recents years. I have never had a service issue with them in 5 years, not to say that your experience is not 180' from mine.
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    JillJill Posts: 44
    I have to agree with Thomas because these are 2 really different levels of projectors. Again it depends on what the client will be watching the most of, if it's video than DLP is the way to go.
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