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UDM 1604 firmware

Good morning guys, I’m having problems with a UDM 1604 that has been installed for about three years now without any issues. In the last couple of weeks I keep losing the audio and rebooting the unit solves the problem, but after a couple of days looses the audio again. The unit is running on firmware 1.45.03 and although the firmware file doesn’t say anything about what issues this firmware addresses, I was trying to update the unit before calling tech support for troubleshooting
When I run the upgrade procedure the way the txt files states, I get to the part where it pings the 1604 and after 4 successful responses, pings the unit a second time and after four successfully responses the firmware windows closes.
I already downloaded the firmware file several times and had used three different laptops trying to update the firmware and try to isolate the issue but the behavior is the same over and over. Any ideas?
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