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AMX Procon keypad unit - Can anyone identify?

Hi folks,

I picked up a rack of a/v gear from an auction last week, and I only found out after winning the lot, and being given the accessories (radio mic, cabinet keys etc) that included was an AMX 16 button wall mount keypad, with the diamond 4-key arrangement for transport controls of DVD/VCR etc.

I've already got an Axcess system with an Axcent3 in my office, few touch panels, so I'm familiar with Axcess programming, but this unit, I cannot match anything on AMX's site about it. I think that it's actually a Procon panel, and I know AMX acquired Procon some time ago.

Product code: 9016-01W (W presume stands for White)
Badged AMX on the front, Made in the UK printed on the back (Don't see that too often..!)
Rear connections: 9V DC power, Port 1 / 2 / 3 / X-port / Input port / Relay 1 / Relay 2 - and a 3 pin program port.

The major issue I have, without having access to the software downloads on the AMX website (I don't know a dealer) - how do I go about getting software to reprogram this controller? Seems a bit of a waste if I can't do anything cool with it :)

Thanks in advance for your help!

The major issue I have is, how do I reprogram this controller


  • John NagyJohn Nagy Posts: 1,702
    I think the AMX name for the line is now NOVARA, here's a link to the AMX product page

    Here's a link to the PROCON data sheet of some years back for some more insight.

    Not likely to help you much if you aren't a dealer and have no access to one.
  • electroelectro Posts: 15
    Hi John,

    Thanks for the info, I think this is similar but doesn't have any AXLINK connection, this is more like a stand alone panel with connections for IR blasters, and was previously installed to drive a video switcher, amp and projector.

    As for being unable to get software to program it, eBay here it comes!

  • alanhalanh Posts: 29
    Prosoft software

    You will need a software package called prosoft that Procon produced, there was about 4 versions of the software v.1.21, v3.92 v7.2 and then the DCS versions from AMX, but as your panel is a 9016 you will need prosoft 7.2, this was the last version just before the sale of Procon to AMX, if you haven't sold the unit pm me and i will see if i can dig out the old software.
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