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.TP4 FILE showing size of 25MB

I have been using TPDesign4 for over a year now. On 3 separate occasions while designing; .TP4 file shows its size to be over 20MB. More often Windows, shows TP4 file size to be around 25.3MB. Even after you delete every image from resource manager, and save it; however file size remains the same. Last time I faced this issue; i found that removing a single text label in TP file, brought down the size to 3MB. I'm not sure if this is a glitch with AMX or if its a virus. Does anyone had this same experience; or know how to prevent this from happening.


  • John NagyJohn Nagy Posts: 1,731
    Try moving the file, it may be a Windows cache issue, the file may not be marked as changed so Windows doesn't update the record you look at. Copy the file to a new drive and look at that file...

    Not saying something else isn't wrong, but I've certainly seen the visible file size (and date sometimes) lag behind reality.
  • dominiondominion Posts: 9
    thanks for your prompt reply. I tried what you had suggested. But still file size does not go below 23MB. The sample one I have with me, has just one main page,with two text labels and no images in resource manager.
    Also canned the TP4 file, for any possible viruses. However if you remove the text, the file size goes down to 700KB. The text font is arial MS unicode.
    I m not sure why this happens. If anyone wants to take a look at the file, i can send it.
  • mushmush Posts: 287
    I have had this occur on several occasions and have generally found it to be a font problem.
    Try running the programmers report and see if there is a rouge font in the file.
    Sometimes just saving the file as a new name (not different panel type) fixes it as well.

    TPD4 has many strange idiosyncrasies.
  • dominion,

    Im sure you're way beyond this issue at this point but I am dealing with the same thing and came across your post. Surprised I didnt find an answer though. Just in case anyone in the future has this problem, figured Id post some info.

    The unicode font file itself is that size (look in your windows fonts folder). Hence, the size of the TPD file.
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