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I need a working phast MCU card -- I think . . .

majorannemajoranne Junior MemberPosts: 6
Hi, some of you may remember that I maintain my ancient landmark 4.0 system.

Recently, I returned home after a seven month absence (system left running automatic scenes the whole time) to discover that the CF10's power supply had stopped working (the box would not power up, even when I switched it to a cord and outlet that powered my AS16 just fine). Luckily (ha,ha) I have a spare CF10 and MCU card.

I swapped out the CF10s and switched the cards (original cards into "new" cf10, spare cards completely removed).

The replacement CF10 powered up fine and linked to my computer (I do not leave the computer connected, just use it for maintenance and downloading). Landmark could not locate any of my physical hardware through the system, DMS all "waiting for master", The red light on the front of the CF10 illuminated constantly (bad sign), and the green DATA light on the back of the CF10 illuminated constantly. All cards showed the occasional link light and blinking status light on the MCU as I would expect a good system to do. The other symptom is that when I select the cardframe in the equipment list on landmark, the cards appear, but only the MCU card shows green -- the others are all gray.

I disconnected ALL phast and hub cables, removed all cards one by one, and eureka, when I removed the MCU card, the red light on the front of the CF10 extinguished. The DATA light on the back stayed constant.

I replaced the MCU card with the exact same result.

Guesses on which is bad? Two CF10s (constant data light) or two MCU cards (both seem to communicate fine with the computer but create red light on front of CF10) OR four bad components?

And hey, does anyone have a working MCU card they can sell cheaply?

Thanks, as always, for still being here for me.

I did try a different slot for the MCU card, but so far only one different slot.


  • majorannemajoranne Junior Member Posts: 6
    problem fixed

    The answer was BOTH. Bad MCU, bad CF10. Sigh.
  • DHawthorneDHawthorne Old Timer Posts: 4,584
    Most of my old Landmark systems have been upgraded, but I used the CF10 to act as a DMS hub. I only just disposed of all my leftover cards this winter ... didn't think I'd ever have a use for them again.
  • imsocoimsoco Junior Member Posts: 46
    Phast cages cards and stuff

    I have 5 complete systems, a audio switch and a plethora of cards. If you need anything, I'll make you a helluva deal.

    I also found a 2 card mini master system.
    And a couple of amx card cages.
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