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DVX-3150 multi channel mix down?

I'm designing a new DVX-3150 system which has both multi-channel (5.1) and stereo sources, as well as multi-channel and stereo destinations. I want to send a multi-channel source to both multi-channel and stereo destinations simultaneously. (I was hoping to use the S/PDIF as my multi-channel output.) I'm finding it a bit hard to interpret the DVX-3150 behaviour from the manual, and I don't have one with me to run some tests. Can anyone enlighten me?

Roger McLean
Swinburne University


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    At this time, the DVX-3150 does not have the ability to down-mix multi-channel audio. It can however pass through several types of multi-channel audio (digital to digital). If you would like to have multi-channel and stereo sources present in one system, you could try connecting both stereo and multi-channel audio from your source to two different audio inputs on the DVX-3150. Normally, this is accomplished by using embedded digital audio as a multi-channel pass through, and using an auxiliary analog stereo input (of which the DVX-3150 has 4) as the stereo input. As long as your routes are properly handled in your NetLinx code, this should work well for you so long as your source supports this functionality.

    Give it a try and let us know if we can help further.
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