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Firmware Update Failed, Not Enough Memory

Trying to update my NI-3100 running 3.41.414 to 3.60.453. When I try I get this message
Transfer Aborted - Not enough memory available on device to hold file.  

Memory required: 458967  Memory Available 0

Per the readme
Requires NI-Device firmware version of 1.30.8 or greater to fully utilize the enhancements. 
If NI-Device version 1.30.8 or later is loaded before this master firmware version, the 
integrated device (5001) will be unavailable until the master side firmware is upgraded. 

I am running 1.30.8

What should I check?


  • DavidRDavidR Posts: 62
    update to the system number not the device number... 1.30.8 is device firmware. you need to send master firmware to the system number or system 0
  • jabramsonjabramson Posts: 106
    DavidR wrote: »
    update to the system number not the device number...

    Sonnuva...Thanks (Hangs head in shame)
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