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Relays port number

please tell me how do we assign the relay port number to device. can we give it every number we want? if i have relays buttons in my solution can we declare it like this:

Relay1 = 5001:8:0
Relays2 = 5002:8:0
does'it exsit a plage number to assignent to relay?


  • RogerSRogerS Posts: 9
    Since relay only have 1 port number you only need to defince it once.
    Portnumbers are defined in the hardware reference guide or in the AMX PI as mentioned in the other thread.

    //on a NI 2100 relays are portnumber 4
    dvRelays = 5001:4:0

    to turn on relay 1 or 2 you just need to put this in your code:

    //turn on relay 1 and 2

    //and similar to turn off relay 1 and 2
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