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M7 SAT801 - Dutch Canal Digitaal box

Hi there - got one of these boxes on a job. IR learns happily into my IRIS (and also tried learning into Cr8stron and RTI). AMX fires out the IR as expected but the box does not respond?!?!

Everything wiring-wise has been checked (ie, the ir emitter controls other items near to it), tried putting it in the dark in case it is interference, everything. Totally stumped by this one!! Must use some weird carrier or something.

I think the sat box is pretty new, but anyone else come across this or have a fix?? Otherwise, the client is so high profile I am going to have a buy a spare remote and solder relays over all the buttons!!




  • DHawthorneDHawthorne Posts: 4,584
    If it was a weird carrier, I don't imagine the IRIS would have picked it up. You sure the remote doesn't have RF enabled? I got bit by that myself the other day, spent over an hour trying to figure out why a replacement DirecTV box wouldn't work with my IR file, and it turned out the installer had activated RF.
  • yuriyuri Posts: 861
    Get a different satellite receiver? :)
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