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What determines a TPD4 project file size?

I have a 55mb panel file (yes, its huge) Im trying to clip down to fit on an NXV300. But, despite my efforts, the file size is barely reduced.

I've deleted TONS of the popup pages that were there, leaving only the ones I need. This reduced it down by about 1.5 mb. Id say I deleted 90% of the pages. Then, just to see how much of that size was images (the file sizes were tiny anyway, I assumed the total panel file size came from the images but this wasnt the case), I deleted ALL images and icons from the resource manager. This reduced it by about 2mb, which is the greatest reduction Ive seen.

So, I have a panel with no images in its resources (all buttons used images) and only 10% of the pages it originally had (now has 8 popups and three pages), and the file is still 50mb. Of course once I noticed deleting the images did squat I put them back. Ive been able to get it down to 52.9mb.

Why is the file still SO BIG??!!


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    John NagyJohn Nagy Posts: 1,736
    Try saving the file as a new job instead of re-saving over the same file name.
    Also try saving as a different panel type.
    These cause a re-inventory of the content and drops much of the baggage.
    If that doesn't do it, and the project is as small as you say, open a new blank project and copy and paste the real pages into the new one. Then import the bitmaps, and save. Whatever your bloat was should not be in the new one.
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    samossamos Posts: 106
    Not sure why your file is so big but I know a way to figure it out. Create a new blank panel, and copy and paste the pages into the new file one at a time. Check the file size after each page to see where its coming from.
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    jjamesjjames Posts: 2,908
    Create a programmer's report. This will show you where some of the large files are. My guess is it's in the font files.
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    I agree with jjames. It is likely in the font files.

    There is a known issue with font files being retained in projects even when not referenced that I have fixed in the upcoming TPDesign4 release (v3.3).
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    Thanks for the replies guys. After looking at the report it seems that half of the size of my project comes from this one Arial Unicode font. Is this normal? I am only using the one font in my project, so I just dont know how TPD handles this. Does it reference the font and so the size of the font should only be, well, the size of the one font file? Or does it sort of "compile" all of my uses of this font to come up with this size? Cause there's definitely a lot of text used in my file...

    Your help is much appreciated!

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    Nevermind. It seems that file size is just what it is for Unicode, which I have to have for future multi-language support.

    Now I need to try and copy the pages over one by one to a new project and see what I can see. Even with the 22mb Unicode font file, my project should not be 55mb.
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    DHawthorneDHawthorne Posts: 4,584
    I've had panel files get corrupted ... they seem just fine for the most part, but some fiddly little thing isn't right. I just had one with two buttons with identical properties and program parameters ... yet one worked and the other didn't. When I copied the working one in place of the non-working one, they were fine. The only thing I can figure is both were originally copied from another project, and something went wrong in the process. But it's bizarre that copying the button once again fixed it.

    You could try saving it as a different panel type, but not actually changing the panel type when you do it. This works like an export, and you might find the junk goes away.
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    I was just doing a similar process recently and found that:
    - In a new blank project, the first 30-ish Font IDs are already populated. I'm assuming this is due to the System Pages.
    - While the programmer report states the the "Total size of all fonts" is over 1000K, the file on disk was only 9K.
    - If I added a button and used a font that wasn't already in the fonts list (for the NXV I used Arial Bold 11), and the size of the project on disk went up 300K. Add a second button with another new font (e.g. Arial 11) and the file on disk went to 730K.
    - After adding the two new fonts, the programmer's report still said "Total size of all fonts" is 1000K.
    - Changing the fonts for the buttons to something already in the font list and the size on disk returned to 9K.

    So it looks like if you want to save space, try using fonts the System Pages are already using.
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    jjamesjjames Posts: 2,908
    A TPD4 panel file explorer program would be great about now just to delete unused fonts . . . wouldn't it? :D
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