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DGX-32 module for Visual Architect

I'm new to AMX programming and like that Visual Architect can be a good start until I master Netlink Studio and TP Design.

I designed a system, but several items can't be found, most importantly a DGX-32 and the associated transmitters and receivers. The MXT-1900L-PAN touchpanel is another item. I believe I read that I can't design AMX products in VA. What can I do?

Are there updates for these items.



  • rpettyrpetty Posts: 11
    The DGX 32 in VA

    The DGX is a NI-3101 with a Epica 32 sitting on top of it wthout any of the IR, IO or relays. Use EXB-COM2 and other such devices for control to simulate the DXlink TX and RX devices.
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