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HTTPS access...

If anyone knows or even hears a whisper about the ability to open connections to secure websites, please let me know. Standard Java allows this, but the stripped down version that made its way into the Duet firmware had it - well - stripped out. :(

- Chip


  • maxifoxmaxifox Posts: 209
    Can this help - Phaos SSLava Micro (Foundation profile compatible crypto lib)?

  • Thanks for the link.

    I downloaded the datasheet, but haven't looked at it yet. Didn't see anything on the site about how to buy or for how much, either. (Of course, I'm looking for a free solution, or at least one that only requires time spent by myself)

    Then there's the question of "how does one integrate it into Duet?"

    - Chip
  • maxifoxmaxifox Posts: 209

    From my knoweledge https support is not required for CDC Foundation (and as you can see it from Foundation API v1.0a, it is not implemented). I read that Java Secure Socket Extension (JSSE) will be implemented in Foundation 1.1 as an optionl package. Unfortunately I am not using the Phaos product and I am not aware about other solutions.

    As to integration.... Hmm, I do not have the Cafe, but will standard way work? I mean including package in the src path and then import it?
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