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RMS 3.3 execute control function link disabled


I recently installed RMS 3.3 and am using Classroom Manager. I have source usage being tracked through the RMSSrcUsage mod and i!-ConnectLinx standard actions. I have added some custom actions and folders to store them in through code on my netlinx master.

My issue is in the RMS web interface, the Execute Control Functions and Create New Macro links are disabled and the list is bare so I cannot run the custom actions from the web interface. The custom actions appear in the i!-ConnectLinx xml file on the master.

Can someone please help me understand this problem?

Thank you


  • MorrisMorris Posts: 21
    Turns out... the standard (unlicensed) mode of RMS server doesn't allow the use of all features as advertised.

    From the AMX techs:

    "Can you please confirm your RMS installation is fully licensed? Control functions are not supported in the unlicensed version."

    Can't say I'm surprised...
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