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Cisco 6000MXP duet jar module's phone book records problem

Hi All,

I have some problem with Cisco 6000MXP duet jar module.
When I tried to retrieve the phone book records from the corporate director folder, contact name receiving from the module is limited to 31 characters. Any records I created more than 31 characters are not getting full name.

But if I pull out the local phone book records, I can able to see full name (is more than 31 characters)
The problem only occurs in the corporate phone book records under the folder. I think there is a bugs of jar module. Please let me know if anyone has experienced this before and how can I solved it. I also don't know where can I request to modified the jar module.

This is the jar module and zip folder name I am having problems. Thanks in advance all.



  • ericmedleyericmedley Posts: 4,177
    You will need to call AMX technical support on this one. It is obviously an array size issue. It will be easy enough to fix but they will have to do it for you.
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