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Install pages from external disk

Apparently, the new X series panels do not support a Virtual Netlinx Master for previewing panel layouts. Or so says AMX support. However, in settings, under Confi > Admin, there is a "Install Pages from External Disk" button. The Programming guide says "Select this to install touch panel pages from an external disk, such as a USB stick. If an external disk is not connected to the touch panel, this field will be greyed out."

I have attempted the obvious, loaded the TPD4 file on a USB and inserted in slot. The button is still greyed out.

Has anybody successfully used this feature?


  • Place the TPD files in a folder off the root of the flash disk with the name of the panel just like you were upgrading firmware with a kit file.

    For instance, if you are using a MXT-2000XL-PAN, name the folder MXT-2000XL-PAN (the same name that shows up in Setup->Status->Panel Type), and place your TPD files in that folder.

    Then go to Setup->Configuration->Admin->Install From External Disk and you should see all your TPD files in that folder.
  • Great. Worked perfectly. Thanks!

    Much easier then using the virtual master.
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