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JAR file not automatically compatible with VisualArchitect

I have downloaded the file for the Onkyo TX-NR709 and put it in the standard directory (C:\doc...\all user\....)
and rescan the database, but it does not show up under devices, receiver, Onkyo.

I know before when I was downloading an IR or jar file there was an indication if it was compatible with VA, it is not there anymore, does that mean that this file (JAR) is not compatible with VA or maybe AMX is not supporting VA anymore


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    jjamesjjames Posts: 2,908
    1) Uninstall Visual Architect.
    2) Destroy CD.
    3) Install NetLinx Studio.
    4) Use it for all of your programming needs.
    5) Never rely on someone else for generating your code or project again. When they fail - you fail.
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    Support on VA

    Yes I know, but when I took some AMX course several years ago VA was brand new and I took the first course in Texas and I did not know anything about AMX at the time (startup company), if I new I would have took Programmer 1 instead.

    I did studied programming a loooooong time ago and did some programming (not professionnaly) in machine, assembler, basic, Pascal and C.

    But none of the programming I did involved controlling audio/video equipment

    I am not in a position right now to go and take a course, I will fire up Netlinx studio and start with very simple program like "lit one LED" on the controller, then add complexity.
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