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HDMI Signal Sensing

Hi all,
First question:
Usually to sense if a DVD/Sky box is working i use a device similar to the AMX VSS2.
i have noticed that when using the DVX series web interface you can see if an HDMI siganl is locked or not.
my question is: is there a way to know this as a channel_event? it can then be used as a video sync sensor...
do we also have it on the DGX series controllers?

Second question:
if the Enova series have such control over the HDMI signal (EDID, HDCP, Smart Scale any input/output, etc...) why can't they give us simple control of the end product through HDMI CEC (on,off, inputs...)?



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    ericmedleyericmedley Posts: 4,177
    To the first queestion: if you can scrape the web inteface, then yes. you basically spoof a browser connection from the netlinx master, parse the page you want, get the 'connected' or 'not connected' info and turn on or off a channel on a virtual device in your code.
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    Also to the first question: Looking in the manual I see the SEND_COMMAND "?VIDIN_STATUS: Requests the status of the video input port." There's also commands for things like the EDID info, the Video Format, etc. I bet if a HDMI signal isn't locked, some (or all) of the statuses will return a negative.
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    nicholasjames thanks, this seems right. i wil check it tomorrow in the office and update.
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    Ok, finally got to the office to test this, but I'm afraid that this command does not return the signal status, only the routing.
    I'm not intending to start spoofing internet connection, like ericmedley suggested, on an AMX device from the same AMX device(!)… this is something that is supposed to be built-in.
    Anyone got any other ideas?
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