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Just a thought.....

Ok, a few.

I pop in from time to time, and have a tough time tracking down the threads for suggestions for future versions of software. So is there a way we can have them sort of pinned to the tops of the tech forum pages?

Also, I'd like suggest some things. If this needs to be mved to the appropriate thread, just let me know.

1) NetLinx Studio - The ability to edit code while uploading FW or code. I know, it's silly, and I could just as easily open a new instance of NS, but this would be cool.

2) TPDesign - Scalable images on buttons. It would be good to have the ability to scale an image with the button. This way when you change the button size, the image changes too. AND allow the designer/programmer to enable/disable this feature.

Thank you.

EDIT-Moving this now. Kicking myself in the nuts as a I do it. I see the NS and TPDesign threads.

(Humbly begging your forgiveness for my stupidity and ignorance).
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