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Plasma Recommendations

I am looking for a 42" plasma that allows FULL control of all control aspects via the RS232 port. I have installed some Panasonics, but they seem to only offer limited control via the serial port. I looked at the specs on Pioneers and Sony, and the appear to have similar limited serial control... Specifically I want to be able to do a split screen, and assign different inputs to the left and right images on the screen without having to kluge something via the RS232 and IR ports...

Thanks in advance for any assistance...


  • The NECs I've worked with that have the split/PIP features supported control of same through RS232...

    - Chip
  • bobbob Posts: 296
    You may want to check the _industrial_ line of Panasonic and also the NEC displays as suggested by Chip.
  • GSLogicGSLogic Posts: 562
    Panasonic industrial 50", very nice!
  • Panasonic Plasma Panels

    The Industrial Panasonic plasmas have remote commands
    far beyond what is listed in the owners manual.

    One nice feature on the newest models is an internal videowall
    processor that can be activated and configured via RS232.
  • ImpaqtImpaqt Posts: 155
    NEC and NEC Based panels definatly.... Marantz, Mitsu,

    Runco pulls al the pip/pop stuff out, but offers excellent control as well.
  • I have worked with all models of NEC and they are most reliable in the 232 control area.. for comecial use you can beat them. The also have a nice sleep mode where if you cut the input they wil turn themselves off and wake on input.. most useful if you wish to have .. say a mall.. in which case you just direct the input elswhwere and it switches of for the night.. big saving in screens for the owner. Its worth the price point.LOTs of saved hassel on turn off code!
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