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Khaki templates

Anyone still have a copy of the old Khaki templates that came with the earlier versions of VA?

They were one of my favorites that you can't get with VA now, and I lost them during a computer swap.



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    yuriyuri Posts: 861
    Download one of the AMX Touchpanel UI files from the AMX website
    It probably has the Khaki templates (AMX used them alot!) ;)
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    I've done that but you only get bits of the entire template. With the original VA you got the full templates in a variety of sizes that didn't need to be resized.

    I had taken the VA templates and converted them to TP4 templates in the past. Unfortunately, I didn't save them in a spot that I backed-up.
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    yuriyuri Posts: 861
    Ah, my bad, I thought you only needed the color templates :)
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